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Free Cover Clubs 



Hi, my name is Meghann. A few years ago I came up with the idea to start this website and I was finally able to make it happen. Here's how it all started: 

Back in 2014, my marriage ended which led me to join Meetup to make new friends. I met some amazing people and we started to go out dancing every Friday night. I was having an amazing time but as the friend group started to grow, I learned that there was a lot of people out there that wanted to go out more in this city. Our group grew so large I had to start making actual events on Meetup which kept growing as well. Soon my hobby of bringing people together and going out dancing was bringing out 100 people each week! I've been going to the same venues for years so I decided to talk to them and see if I could convince them to offer free cover for this website. Luckily, some of them said yes so I've made this website so all of you can take advantage of this. Each venue has offered a different deal and cover cut off time. They each have an individualized QR code so you need to have the staff scan it at the door to get in. Make sure you check the site often for the current deals as they could change at anytime.

I've continued to run these events as a hobby, because I’m passionate about it, for almost 8 years now. I have a full time day job in construction and I had no idea how to build a website when I came up with this idea but I stuck to it and I managed to build this site. Please don't judge the website too much, it's my first attempt at anything like this and technology isn't my friend haha. Please be understanding of any glitches you may come across either online or at the venue. This site is brand new and officially getting launched late February 2023! I would love for you to contact me and let me know of any issues you may encounter so I can have them fixed asap. 

Now get out there!

Go bar hop, go clubbing, go dance the night away without paying cover! Score a few free drinks while you're at it.


Make sure to tell your friends and spread the word too 😊

There’s no sign up, no fee to join, no catch. Just FREE COVER! 

Social media is in the beginning stages but you can still join it!

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